Porphyria king George

The reason of the regency crisis of 1788 was in the King George III insanity. In our time there were performed several tries to diagnose the reason of this insanity. In 1966 some researches supposed that the roots of illness were hidden in a physical illness. These thoughts were descriped in a paper "The Insanity of King George III: A Classic Case of Porphyria". These paper wroten by a psychiatrist family (mother and son) are based on an assumption that the fact of porphyria in King George case was proven, but some facts were unconvinced. There were some additional researchs with goal to find a genetic evidence of a porphyria in the remains of King George, but they all failed to prove this. There are also a rather new theory (dated 2005) that the main reason of a porphyria was an arsenic given to King George. This poison is known as porphyrogenic, which can cause a porphyria.

In 1991 Alan Bennet presented his play "The Madness of George III", which became a base for 1994 movie with the same name. There is a remark in credits, where noticed that illness of King George has attributes of a porphyria.

There are also suspicions that some remarkable persons suffered from porphyria. Mary, Queen of Scots, Vincent van Gogh and King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon are reffered among them.
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