Porphyria treatment

Porphyria treatment (acute)
It often happens that empirical conduct is required. It's usually applied when there is a high suspicion of a porphyria. Acute assaults can be even fatal. Doctors widely advice a diet with a high content of a carbohydrate. Sometimes they use a 10% blend of a glucose.
In the United States and the United Kingdom the most popular drugs to treat porphyria are hematin and haem arginate. But these medicine must be taken in the very beggining of an attack to have a good effect. And the effect of these drugs can vary widely due to the individual person properties. Hematin and haem is not a panacea to treat porphyria, but can help greatly, because they reduce the length of attacks and its strength. Side-affects are rather serious, but happen very rarely. There medicines are heme-like, and in theory can be used a a toxical precursors. In the UK they can be bought only at 2 special centers, in the USA there is only one company producing Panhematin.

Hormone porphyria treatment
Cycle attacks in women can be contributed by hormonal fluctuations. In such cases attacks can be treated with luteinising hormones and oral contraceptives, because they influence on menstrual cycles. Though oral contraceptives sometimes itself can call a photosensitivity. Attacks can also can be triggered by the withdrawal of such contraceptives. Sometimes attacks are called by androgens and fertility.

Symptom control
During the attacks pain can be extremly severe. Sometimes it can be even fatal. In most cases an opiates should be used to reduce the pain. Pain should be reduced as soon as it's medically possible. Sometimes attacks are also cause a nausea. It can be temporarily reduced with the help of a hot shower.
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